The Mick Sever Music Trilogy

Oceanview Publishing #ad - Grab your sunscreen! you’re in for a whirlwind, fun-filled trip to South Beach, music-inspired, Miami—then on to St. Bart’s breakdown follows when mick encounters sun, and a psychopath—in the person Danny Murtz, sand, a music legend with walls lined with gold and platinum records—and a closet full of skeletons.

Barts and the Bahamas. Music columnist mick sever follows pop stars around the world, looking for a story—that’s his job. It’s hard to tell where the terrain is most dangerous. St. According to booklist, “Bruns nails the world of celebrity journalism. ”. New york times best-selling author michael Connelly describes the results: “A glitzy high-speed run from the back alleys to the burnt beaches of Miami Beach.

The Mick Sever Music Trilogy #ad - But he gets way more than he bargained for in these garden spots. On a personal level, Mick Sever learns some tough lessons throughout this trilogy. The series concludes with bahama burnout when Mick is called to the legendary Highland Studio in Nassau, where the magic happened—until a devastating fire left only charred remains—and a dead body.

The mick sever music series trilogy begins with South Beach Shakedown as songwriting legend Gideon Pike mysteriously disappears just when he’s about to turn his thirty-year career into a multi-million dollar profit.


The Inner Circle Man of Wax Trilogy Book 2

RMS Press #ad - Or get them all killed. With his trademark action and suspense, Robert Swartwood has delivered his most ambitious thriller yet. Praise for the inner circle:"The Inner Circle is a crafty, clever, white-knuckle thriller. From usa today bestselling author Robert Swartwood comes the exciting second book in the Man of Wax Trilogy.

. Two years ago ben anderson woke up in a rundown motel, his family missing, three thousand miles from home, and the words LET THE GAME BEGIN written in blood on the back of the bathroom door. Now, with his past life gone, Ben has become a soldier in Carver Ellison's army against Caesar. But when a mission goes wrong and one of their team members is murdered, it's the last cryptic word spoken that will lead Ben and the team one step closer to the Inner Circle — a step that may bring them salvation.

The Inner Circle Man of Wax Trilogy Book 2 #ad - . If you haven't yet read Swartwood, you're missing out. Brian keene, bestselling author of The Rising and Ghoul"Not for the faint of heart. Cannonball readthe other books in the man of wax series: legionMan of WaxEnd Game Coming Summer 2019.


Devil Sent the Rain: A Mystery

William Morrow Paperbacks #ad - Detective Billy Able knows that from experience. In a tale of the remnants of old south aristocracy and entitlement, twisted by greed and vengeance, Billy must confront the secrets of his own past to have any chance at solving the murder of the girl he once knew. When the attorney’s death exposes illegal practices at her family’s prestigious law firm, the scandal is enough to rock the southern city’s social world.

Devil Sent the Rain: A Mystery #ad - Edgar award nominee and bestselling author lisa turner’s hard-boiled Detective Billy Able returns in this dark Southern mystery about the murder of a dazzling Memphis socialite—and the scandals revealed in the wake of her deathThe heart can be an assassin. Fresh from solving memphis’ most sensational murder case, Homicide Detective Billy Able and his ambitious new partner Frankie Malone are called to a bizarre crime scene on the outskirts of town.

A high society attorney has been murdered while dressed in a wedding gown. Billy is shocked to discover he has a very personal connection to the victim. But as he seeks the truth, he’s drawn closer to an embittered killer bent on revenge—and eliminating the threat Billy poses.  .


The Alvarez & Pescoli Series: Books 1-3 An Alvarez & Pescoli Novel

Zebra #ad - But his exquisite plan to kill and kill again unravels when detectives Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli take on their first career-making case. Detectives selena alvarez and regan pescoli of grizzly Falls, Montana, investigate the most twisted and shocking crimes in the first three novels of the popular To Die series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson.

The Alvarez & Pescoli Series: Books 1-3 An Alvarez & Pescoli Novel #ad - Left to diea demented killer knows there’s nothing more terrifying than being left alone to die. Now it’s up to detective selena Alvarez to get inside a killer’s twisted mind to save her partner’s life. Born to diesomeone is killing women who all share an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Kacey Lambert. It’s a chilling pattern that detectives Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli must decode before a sick mind claims its final victim.

. Chosen to dieafter working the “star crossed killer” case for months, detective Regan Pescoli never imagining she’d be captured by the madman she’s been hunting.


The Burnside Mystery Series, Box Set # 2, Books 4-6 The Burnside Mystery Series Box Set

Cold Spirit Press #ad - Corner blitz follows burnside on another tightly written mystery, loaded with plot twists, and finishes with an unforeseen, yet very satisfying ending. Nickel package book 6: a vicious killer is on the loose. Cobbling together the world of politics, sports and teen romance, Corner Blitz moves through the wealthy canyon enclaves to the mean streets near downtown Los Angeles.

With many avenues to go down and countless obstacles in his path, Burnside doggedly pursues an investigation that mystifies everyone involved, and also leads the police to suspect Burnside himself of a capital crime. Adamant about keeping the investigation quiet, the governor brings in Burnside to find her.

The Burnside Mystery Series, Box Set # 2, Books 4-6 The Burnside Mystery Series Box Set #ad - But when the case evolves into murder, everything changes and Burnside is plunged into a scenario where things are not what they appear to be. And as burnside overcomes the many obstacles in the investigation, he also comes face-to-face with his own past, one that haunts him to this day. The fifth burnside mystery continues to deliver the witty banter and unexpected surprises that readers have enjoyed in this series.

Brought in by a fortune 500 company to do a simple background check, Burnside is suddenly thrown into the middle of a sea of carnage. Murder is nothing new in Los Angeles – but it always seems to involve love or money. From a usa today bestselling author: david chill’s box set of colorful and brilliant mysteries capture both Raymond Chandler’s gritty vision and Robert B.

Parker’s biting humor.


Paradise Crime Thrillers Box Set: Books 1-9: Vigilante Justice Thriller Series

#ad - Only sophie can get them out and find their missing mothers—and along the way, solve the puzzle of The Ghost. Wired hard:a buried royal hawaiian island in Lahaina on Maui attracts mysterious burglary attempts, and gets deadly fast once Sophie’s on the case. But soon, catching a crazed stalker becomes the least of Sophie’s problems.

As she races against time to save him, uncovering ugly secrets hidden in the heart of the jungle, the events she tried to flee on Oahu gather momentum. Sparks fly between the two as they dig into layers of deception and darkness, rousing the attention of true evil. Wired secret:palm trees, volcanoes, and black sand beaches are the backdrop for murder when security specialist Sophie and her dog Ginger are swept up in a multi-layered case on the Big Island, working with a US Marshal to protect an important witness.

Paradise Crime Thrillers Box Set: Books 1-9: Vigilante Justice Thriller Series #ad - Wired fear:tech sleuth sophie, her lovable dog ginger, jake Dunn, and her partner, tackle a case involving Hawaii’s famous hula festival even as the return of a deadly relative threatens to tear apart the fragile life Sophie’s trying to build. Wired courage:sophie’s darkest fears come to pass as what’s most precious to her is snatched away.

She must dig deep and travel far to defeat an enemy close to home. Lee child’s jack reacher, gregg hurwitz’s orphan x, stieg larsson’s lisbeth salander, brad taylor’s pike logan, daniel silva’s gabriel allon, vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, John Sandford’s Lucas Davenport, Brad Thor’s Scot Harvath, Nelson DeMille’s John Corey, Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Mark Greaney’s Gray Man, and Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon.

. A deadly enemy is hell-bent to take her down, along with anyone she cares about.


The Lieutenant Harrington Series, Books 1-3

#ad - A misogynistic killer is targeting every woman he believes has wronged him… including one who Harrington loves. Beset - lt harrington series, book 2when a spring breaker is found with his head all but removed along the side of a posh Miami Beach hotel, Lieutenant Nash Harrington is tasked with tracking down the person responsible.

Vestige - lt harrington series, book 3a master killer is hunting on Miami’s streets, and he’s taking trophies from the bodies he leaves behind. The complete Lieutenant Harrington Series. 1 wrath#2 beset#3 vestige#4 variant#5 DiscontentIf you're a fan of police procedurals, serial killers and ruthless adversaries, anything from E.

The Lieutenant Harrington Series, Books 1-3 #ad - H. Reinhard should be added to your library. Follow lieutenant Harrington in the first three pulse-pounding thrillers in this unputdownable series. If you love a good procedural, look no further. Included in this box set. Wrath - lt harrington series, book 1in this tightly plotted thriller, Miami cop Nash Harrington realizes one horrific crime of passion is the beginning of a spree.


The Red Riley Adventures Box Set #1 Three Fast-paced, Funny Crime Capers: Containing Chicago Blue, Diamond White, and Solid Gold

Piscataqua Press #ad - Instead, she decides to stay undercover and track down the real killer. But now, she finds new reserves of strength and courage, as she must become a vigilante to clear her name, all with a healthy dose of sarcasm. With her name and photo splashed across the nightly news, Riley should leave the city ASAP.

It's also pretty cool to see how all of the other characters like Ruby, Marty, and Selena develop throughout the books. But somebody knows that riley is still in the game, and soon the police are the least of her worries as a sexy assassin starts closing in. Can she become the hero the city needs without getting herself killed? Probably not.

The Red Riley Adventures Box Set #1 Three Fast-paced, Funny Crime Capers: Containing Chicago Blue, Diamond White, and Solid Gold #ad - . This box set contains the first three Red Riley Adventures: Chicago Blue, Diamond White, and Solid Gold. The red riley series now has a new fan! Without giving away too much, the main character, Kay Riley's bumbling imperfection and sarcasm is endearing. She's not going down without a fight!if you like fast-paced crime novels, funny, and real, then you're going to love Kay Riley, and female characters who are strong, a Chicago cop wrongly accused and on the run for her life.

Being a cop was never something that Riley was very good at. I thought the three book box set would last me a long time but the books were so good I finished them the second day of a seven day trip. I can't wait for the next adventure!" - Amazon Reviewer.


A Blind Eye: Book 1 in the Adam Kaminski Mystery Series

Blue Eagle Press #ad - But when adam meets a polish cousin in warsaw who believes his daughter was murdered, Adam is troubled by the indifference of the police… and by the strange behavior of the delegation's Polish liaison. Adam begins uncovering clues that point to the killer, clues that lead him inexorably into an investigation of the intricate web of Polish politics and the legacy of the Secret Police.

But the past isn't always black and white, as Adam is forced to accept as he learns more about the killer and about his own family legacy. Will looking into the murder only beget more murder? In a country that has known centuries of wars and occupation, politics are complex and layered with old prejudices and loyalties impossible for foreigners to understand.

A Blind Eye: Book 1 in the Adam Kaminski Mystery Series #ad - Blood ties have an American police detective in Poland investigating a suicide that may have been murder. An astutely crafted, action-packed read. Kirkus reviewsin this darkly atmospheric suspense, a Philadelphia police detective visiting Poland gets involved when murder is suspected, and the local police turn away.

Adam kaminski, with a delegation to Philadelphia's sister city, is meant to be a polite observer only. But a good man doesn't walk away when he sees wrong being done, and he's not about to start now. Visiting his family's homeland, Adam's been warned by his superiors to be on his best behavior.


Thirteen Across

MindScape Press, Inc. #ad - The storyline is an original page-turner with plenty of plot twists to keep it moving" – Bookclub Reporter"This is a fascinating book and I stayed up far too late devouring it" – Girl Who Reads"I really enjoyed the puzzle aspect of this mystery, it was a unique way of watching the action unfold and seeing the pieces come together pun intended.

. Crosswords? puzzles? Unique destinations? Covert research? It’s more than that. Solutions and destinations expose seven stops, seven sets of clues, and secrets. If you like thrillers and edge-of-your-seat action, this is definitely the book for you. Ebook nerd"thirteen across is a book for fans of Dan Brown and intense action thrillers.

Thirteen Across #ad - Devilishly clever, and good, this is Dan Grant. Pacific book review on Dan’s thriller The Singularity Witness. Thirteen across reads like an action-packed spy movie. How will fbi special agent Kate Morgan survive her trials? Read to find out. What others are saying about thirteen across“part scavenger hunt, usa today bestselling author of the murder, much like the jason bourne series … keep your eyes glued to the page so you don’t miss a clue!” – San Francisco Book Review, She Wrote series“a cat-and-mouse chase with intricate puzzles … written like an action thriller movie, part puzzle … brilliant reading” – Jon Land, 5 Stars“for fans of puzzle-based mysteries or thriller with twists and turns like Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.


Zachary Goldman Private Investigator Cases 1-4

pd workman #ad - A tragic accident that was no one’s fault. Walk with zachary as he solves four cases that will stretch his abilities to the limit. Even with his own life in shambles, Zachary Goldman is still the one you want on the case. A case is only unsolvable as long as it remains unsolved. This set includes:1 she wore mourning – private investigator Zachary Goldman’s life isn’t all roses, but he tries to put his own shattered life behind him to investigate the death of five-year-old Declan Bond.

2 his hands were quiet – hired to investigate the death of an autistic boy in a treatment facility, PI Zachary Goldman is concerned about the therapies he sees there. 3 she was dying anyway – zachary’s ex, bridget, is determined to discover what happened to her friend… and what was thought to be death by natural causes becomes an active police investigation.

Zachary Goldman Private Investigator Cases 1-4 #ad - 4 he was walking alone – richard Harding was walking alone when he was struck by a vehicle and died. A thrilling series brought to you by USA Today bestselling author P. D. Workmanzachary goldman, Private Investigator, is flawed with a capital F. Shattered by the tragedies of his own life, he will somehow still manage to pick himself up and dig just a little bit deeper than anyone else to find the vital clues.

Maybe being broken makes it easier for others who have faced tragedy to trust him. But if that was so, then why was his girlfriend so sure that it was intentional homicide?Scroll up and get Zachary's first 4 cases all in one ebook today!