Chased Savage Men Book 3

Fast. Even though I’m the bad guy. No cliffhanger. Complete at 69000 words. A dirty dark romance by new york times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild!I’m filthy rich … and ruthless. I live for the hunt. Hard. Deep. Book 3 in the Savage Men Series. The chase. My desires aren’t exactly normal. But neither is she … The girl I bought.

She’s innocent and blind. Perfect for all my wicked needs. Perfect to prove just how far I’m willing to go. But there’s just one problem …I’m falling for her. The man who keeps her locked away. I’ll do anything to make her stay. One thing’s for sure … She will be mine. Note: this standalone novel contains disturbing content that may be offensive to some readers.


Locked Savage Men Book 2

No Cliffhanger. Dangerous. They’re right. Book 2 in the Savage Men Series. That’s why I live on an island alone. The jungle is my home. A new romance by new york times & uSA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild!People say I’m ferocious. My personal prison. Until she arrived. The moment her helicopter crashed on my land, everything changed.

She’s the only survivor … And I’m keeping her locked up in a pit. It’s been too long since I last touched a woman, especially one so beautiful. It makes me hunger for her. I want her … so i’ll keep her …And I’ll make her mine. Locked is a full length standaloNE novel, complete at 70000 words. Wild.


Branded Savage Men Book 4

No cliffhanger. Complete at 90000 words. The devil himself. No one will take her from me. She’s mine to punish. Mine to keep… forever. This is a standalone dark romance novel with an enemies-to-lovers second-chance twist from New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of Caged. She was supposed to be my forever.

Instead, I became her worst enemy. I fell for the one girl I could never have…And it destroyed us both. I did a bad, bad thing. But she isn’t exactly innocent either. When i’m faced with the ultimate choice – Let her die or save her – I grab her and run. She calls me a monster. Book 4 in the Savage Men Series.

This book contains disturbing content that may be offensive to some readers.

Caged Savage Men Book 1

Brimming with desire. All i want is her. So hard to resist. But one thing’s for sure…Even if she doesn’t know it yet, she’s already mine. Note: this standalone novel contains disturbing content that may be offensive to some readers. An untamed beast. I was born in the cage. No cliffhanger. A new dirty dark romance by new york Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild!They call me savage.

That beautiful girl from the picture on my prison wall. Now she’s finally here, sharing a cell. So close. Book 1 in the Savage Men Series. Born to fight. Born to carry its name. Locked away, i’ve spent years waiting for my mate. I'm pent up with need. Complete at 120000 words.

Hanged Savage Men Book 5

Note: this story contains disturbing content that may be offensive to some readers. Outlaw. Murderer. That’s only a few of the names people call me, and all of them are true. I did the unforgivable. Criminal. I killed a man in broad daylight. I did it for her. I paid my dues, did my time. Now i’m out and I want her back, no matter the cost.

She hates me, but that won’t stop me from hunting after her. I need her to be mine again. And there’s a secret I have to tell …But everything has its price. I’m willing to pay. Is she?hanged is a standalone dark romance novella from New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild, previously titled The Hanged Man.


A Debt Owed A Dark Billionaire Romance

A debt she will repay by marrying me. Charlotte davis … the most beautiful and privileged princess there is. Enraged me. Top 20 amazon bestsellermy enemy’s daughter … offered to me as payment towards a debt. A debt owed is an enticing new dark billionaire Alpha Male Romance novel by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild.

Warning: this book includes scenes that may be disturbing to some readers. She made me that way. Until death do us part. But she forgot about me. Ignored me. Now she’ll become my wife … My pet. By taking her as payment towards a debt he owed. I wasn’t always cold-hearted and vindictive. Then her father did the unforgivable, and I made it my lifelong goal to ruin him.

. I’d kill for her to be mine. We met by chance at her father’s wedding … And then again years later.

A Debt Repaid A Dark Billionaire Romance

Anything he can to entice her heart to fall for him… And submit. A debt repaid is the follow up to the exciting dark Billionaire Alpha Male Romance novel A Debt Owed by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild. Sold to a handsome bad guy in exchange for my father’s debt. This is book 2 of The Debt Duet and the final instalment.

Warning: this book includes scenes that may be disturbing to some readers. Easton van buren claimed me and locked me up in his mansion. He stole my hand, but I won’t let him steal my heart. On the worst day of my life I was given away by my own blood. But when a rich man’s prized possession escapes… He’ll do anything he can to get her back into his claws.

That devilish man wanted more than just my body … So I ran.

Sold to the Mob Boss: A Dark Mafia Romance Lavrin Bratva Russian Crime Brotherhood Book 3

And i’ll protect her until the end…Even if it costs me everything. An innocent college student is dragged into the city’s underworld when she is taken and sold to the boss of the Russian Bratva mob in this standalone, bad boy mafia heist romance from author Nicole Fox. An innocent girl like her… sold to a beast like me.

Nikitaas the boss of the Bratva, I live my life by a code: Always stay in control. But i broke my own rule on the night I bought Annie. She was so delicate and desperate up on that stage. I’d pay any price it took to own her. She says she can’t be bought. But she doesn’t know how this game is played. In my world, everything has its price.

And like it or not, she’s mine now – my property, my possession. I’ll claim her. I’ll break her. Nikita will go to war to safeguard his fragile prize… but when the tables are turned, he discovers that there is far more to Annie than meets the eye. Find out more in Sold to the Mob Boss.

The Bratva's Bride: A Dark Mafia Romance Wicked Doms

If such subject matters offend you, please do not read. Please note: this dark romance contains dubious consent, elements of violence, and kinky, sexual scenes. Usa today bestselling author jane Henry delivers a high-stakes, fast-paced story of mistaken identity, retribution, and hard-won, sacrificial love.

Bratva life is simple:You steal from the brotherhood, you pay with your life. But the thief is a woman, and she's too beautiful to die. My wedding band will be her collar. Our vows will be her shackles. She will be my captive bride.

Broken Vows: A Dark Mafia Romance Volkov Bratva

I’m dangerous. Won’t take no for an answer. She makes me believe that I might be worth redemption. Until i discover a past she’s been hiding from me. One that threatens everything. Now, i know that our wedding vows are not enough. I need to make sure she’s mine for good. A baby in her belly is the only way to seal the deal.

And in the end, the Bratva always gets what it wants. A don’s daughter is sold to a ruthless Bratva kingpin in this full-length mafia romance from author Nicole Fox. An angel. A killer. She’s my fake bride for a single reason – so I can crush her father’s resistance. But marrying Eve brings me far more than I bargained for.

She’s fiery. Feisty. Eve wants desperately to escape a marriage she never asked for… but Luka isn’t about to let his newest prize go free. She’s my fake wife, my property… and my last chance at redemption. She’s beautiful. Taming the girl might cost him everything.

Awakening a Dark Mafia Romance Book 2

I’m a man who craves control, but her power over me is absolute. The demons in this city want to destroy her. It’s my job to protect her innocence. Not until I met Cora. My angel. I’ve claimed every inch of her body and I only want more. Lock her safe in my high tower. But i’m the danger that she’s trying to escape.

The ruthless man in her bed. A demon worse than all the others. One who cannot save her from himself. I wasn't capable of love. She holds my heart in her hands. She can never find out.