A Step Away from Paradise: The True Story of a Tibetan Lama’s Journey to a Land of Immortality

Merri Hill Press #ad - Decide by yourself and practice madness. Their aim: to open a crack in the very fabric of reality and go to a land we would all wish to inhabit if it were only there—a land of peace and concord. He deftly weaves their stories together with humor, and scholarly research into Tibetan traditions of Hidden Lands, wisdom, all the while reflecting on what this means for the rest of us.

Like no other book i have ever read…a riveting tale of adventure…honest to the real spirit of Tibet…both unique and intriguing…an engrossing read. This book tells the true story of this charismatic visionary lama and his remarkable expedition. It was the early 1960s. Forty years later, the author spends over five years tracking down the surviving members of this extraordinary expedition.

A Step Away from Paradise: The True Story of a Tibetan Lama's Journey to a Land of Immortality #ad - They waited generations for the prophesied lama to come, the one with the secret knowledge of how to ‘open’ the Hidden Land. Then, one day, he came. The place, a far-off corner of the himalayas long fabled in Tibetan tradition to be hiding a valley of immortality among its peaks and glaciers—a real-life Shangri-La.

Against the wishes of the kings of both Sikkim and Nepal, he and over three hundred followers ventured up the snowy slopes of the third highest mountain of the planet. Develop courage for the benefit of all sentient beings. Highly recommended.


Enlightened Vagabond: The Life and Teachings of Patrul Rinpoche

Shambhala #ad - Patrul’s life story reveals the nature of a highly realized being as he transmits the Dharma in everything he does, teaching both simple nomads and great lamas in ways that are often unconventional and even humorous, but always with uncompromising authenticity. Colorful stories about and profound teachings of Patrul Rinpoche, one of the most impactful teachers and thinkers in the Tibetan tradition from the nineteenth century.

Enlightened Vagabond: The Life and Teachings of Patrul Rinpoche #ad - The life and teachings of the wandering yogi patrul rinpoche—a highly revered Buddhist master and scholar of nineteenth-century Tibet—come alive in true stories gathered and translated by the French Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard over more than thirty years, based on the oral accounts of great contemporary teachers as well as written sources.


Into the Hands of the Unknown: an Indian Sojourn with a Harvard Renunciant

Merri Hill Press #ad - I think you should come with me to India” Thus begins this tale of the author and photographer Thomas K. Shor when he was a young man and happened to sit next to Ed Spencer, a brilliant seventy-year-old ex-Harvard professor, turned wandering holy man, who makes this offer within an hour of their meeting on a Greek ferry.

Into the hands of the unknown, usa, india and nepal, in 2003 and by pilgrims publishers, which is revised and has a new postscript describing the author’s subsequent encounters with the Ed Spencer, was originally published as Part II of the book WINDBLOWN CLOUDS published by Escape Media Publishers, in 2006.

From the review by the renowned british poet Kathleen Raine: Thomas Shor’s life is a continual unfolding of those inner and outer worlds which his sense of wonder discovers continually. His story reminds us that we are, travelers in a world of marvels, or could be, of love, and encounters with men and women themselves on pilgrimages of the imagination.

Into the Hands of the Unknown: an Indian Sojourn with a Harvard Renunciant #ad - The ensuing journey, recounted in the pages of into the hands of the unknoWN, takes them on an epic journey by foot into the heart of South India and then to the Himalayas where the author made his first contact with the Tibetan people. Though unsure whether the old man is some kind of a bum or a realized being or both, he agrees to go with this enigmatic stranger whose credo is, “Take the Money out of your pocket and put yourself in the hands of the Unknown.

When they arrive in greece and ed passes the money exchange with hardly a glance, his young companion begins to understand the gulf that separates the old man from the rest of humanity. Did not the emperor haroun al-rashid for a thousand and one nights hear in the city of Baghdad endless stories that make up the one story of the world? Once involved in Thomas Shor’s adventure of life, one hopes only for more.

Kathleen Raine D.


In Love with the World: A Monk's Journey Through the Bardos of Living and Dying

Spiegel & Grau #ad - A rare, intimate account of a world-renowned Buddhist monk’s near-death experience and the life-changing wisdom he gained from it“One of the most inspiring books I have ever read. Pema chödrön, author of when things Fall Apart“This book has the potential to change the reader’s life forever. George saunders, author of lincoln in the BardoAt thirty-six years old, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche was a rising star within his generation of Tibetan masters and the respected abbot of three monasteries.

He immediately discovered that a lifetime of Buddhist education and practice had not prepared him to deal with dirty fellow travelers or the screeching of a railway car. Then one night, telling no one, he slipped out of his monastery in India with the intention of spending the next four years on a wandering retreat, following the ancient practice of holy mendicants.

In Love with the World: A Monk's Journey Through the Bardos of Living and Dying #ad - This book is a rarity in spiritual literature: Reading the intimate story of this wise and devoted Buddhist monk directly infuses our own transformational journey with fresh meaning, luminosity, and life. Tara brach, author of radical acceptance and True Refuge   “In Love with the World is a magnificent story—moving and inspiring, profound and utterly human.

His meditation practice had prepared him to face death, and now he had the opportunity to test the strength of his training. But when he ran out of money, he began his life as an itinerant beggar in earnest. His goal was to throw off his titles and roles in order to explore the deepest aspects of his being.

Soon he became deathly ill from food poisoning—and his journey took a startling turn.


Cave In The Snow

Bloomsbury USA #ad - In her mountain retreat, floods, grew her own food and slept in a traditional wooden meditation box, wild animals, she face unimaginable cold, snow and rockfalls, three feet square. Tenzin palmo secluded herself in a remote cave 13, 000 feet up in the Himalayas, where she stayed for twelve years. She has traveled around the world to find support for her cause, meeting with spiritual leaders from the Pope to Desmond Tutu.

She never lay down. Tenzin emerged from the cave with a determination to build a convent in northern India to revive the Togdenma lineage, a long-forgotten female spiritual elite. This is the incredible story of tenzin Palmo, a remarkable woman who spent 12 years alone in a cave 13, 000 feet up in the Himalayas.

Cave In The Snow #ad - At the age of 20, looking to fill a void in her life, Diane Perry, entered a monastery in India--the only woman amongst hundreds of monks-and began her battle against the prejudice that had excluded women from enlightenment for thousands of years. Thirteen years later, Diane Perry a. K. A. She agreed to tell her story only to Vicky Mackenzie and a portion of the royalties from this book will help towards the completion of her convent.


The Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism

Dechen Foundation #ad - Yet buddha's teaching, rich or poor, especially as preserved in the Tibetan tradition of Buddhism, can speak to all of us directly whether we are young or old, male or female. We look in every place for happiness. It is not a do-it-yourself book. It is written from the inside of the tradition but is aimed at a modern Western audience.

Such things must be received in the appropriate context from one's master when one is ready. Some of us search for it in physical pleasure, some in power and some in religion. Yet it has always been within reach, for it is mind itself 'the king of all creators' which is the source of true joy, wisdom and compassion.

The Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism #ad - This book is designed as an introduction to this age-old yet startlingly contemporary tradition. However, for those who wish to see into the heart of Tibetan Buddhism, this book offers the window. Nowadays everything seems broken; many spiritual traditions appear to have lost their effectiveness. It does not compromise the truth and beauty of Tibetan Buddhism but is structured so as to be accessible.

There are no secret mantras or mandalas revealed. It is this discovery that constitutes 'enlightenment', 'nirvana' or 'buddhahood'.


The Heart of the World: A Journey to Tibet's Lost Paradise

Penguin Books #ad - They made news worldwide by finding there a 108-foot-high waterfall, the legendary grail of Western explorers and Tibetan seekers alike. The heart of the world is one of the most captivating stories of exploration and discovery in recent memory—an extraordinary journey to one of the wildest and most inaccessible places on earth and a pilgrimage to the heart of the Tibetan Buddhist faith.

After several years of encountering sheer cliffs, and dense leech-infested jungles, maelstroms of impassable white water, on the last of a series of extraordinary expeditions, Baker and his National Geographic–sponsored team reached the depths of the Tsangpo Gorge. Whatever cryptic tibetan scrolls or past explorers had said about the Tsangpo’s innermost gorge, Baker determined, could be verified only by exploring the uncharted five-mile gap.

Nineteenth-century accounts of this fabled waterfall inspired a series of ill-fated European expeditions that ended prematurely in 1925 when the intrepid British plant collector Frank Kingdon-Ward penetrated all but a five-mile section of the Tsangpo’s innermost gorge and declared that the falls were no more than a “religious myth” and a “romance of geography.

The Heart of the World: A Journey to Tibet's Lost Paradise #ad - The heart of the tsangpo gorge remained a blank spot on the map of world exploration until world-class climber and Buddhist scholar Ian Baker delved into the legends. Ancient tibetan prophecies declare that the greatest of all hidden lands lies at the heart of the forbidding Tsangpo Gorge, deep in the Himalayas and veiled by a colossal waterfall.

The myth of shangri-la originates in Tibetan Buddhist beliefs in beyul, or hidden lands, sacred sanctuaries that reveal themselves to devout pilgrims and in times of crisis. The more remote and inaccessible the beyul, the vaster its reputed qualities.


Finding Rest in the Nature of the Mind: Trilogy of Rest, Volume 1

Shambhala #ad - This first part of the trilogy of rest sets the foundation for the following two volumes: Finding Rest in Meditation, which focuses on Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice, and Finding Rest in Illusion, which focuses on post-meditation yogic conduct. The padmakara translation group has provided us with a clear and fluid new translation to Finding Rest in the Nature of the Mind along with selections from its autocommentary, The Great Chariot, which will serve as a genuine aid to study and meditation.

Written in the fourteenth century, this text is the first volume of Longchenpa’s Trilogy of Rest, a work of the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition. A new translation of longchenpa's famous work that presents the entire scope of the Buddhist view combined with pith instructions pointing out the nature of one's mind.

Longchenpa’s classic buddhist manual for attaining liberation teaches us how to familiarize ourselves with our most basic nature—the clear, pristine, and aware mind. Here, how to develop boundless compassion for all beings, how to find a qualified guide, we find essential instructions on the need to turn away from materialism, along with the view of tantra and associated meditation techniques.

Finding Rest in the Nature of the Mind: Trilogy of Rest, Volume 1 #ad - The work culminates with pointing out the result of practice as presented from the Dzogchen perspective, providing us with all the tools necessary to traverse the Tibetan Buddhist path of finding rest. This profound and comprehensive presentation of the Buddhist view and path combines the scholastic expository method with direct pith instructions designed for yogi practitioners.


The Master Director: A Journey through Politics, Doubt and Devotion with a Himalayan Master

Merri Hill Press #ad - And throughout, shor’s captivating story treads the fine line of openness without credulity, and questioning without prejudice. As gurudev, a tibetan buddhist lama, and us, lavishes the author with presents and invites him into his inner circle—thereby offering him, a unique glimpse into a master’s life and his teachings—it seems destiny is at work.

. Maybe you shouldn’t go back to Darjeeling. Shor, an adventuring american writer with an ear for unusual stories, wanders into a Himalayan mountain village and into the life of an enigmatic spiritual master known as Gurudev he has no idea of what he is getting into. Ultimately, the author flees Darjeeling under physical threat and abandons the writing of this book—until now.

The Master Director: A Journey through Politics, Doubt and Devotion with a Himalayan Master #ad - The master director, richly illustrated with over 60 photos, probes the limits of charisma and scepticism, devotion and doubt. In this riveting true story, when Thomas K. It might not be safe for you…’The lama was in the next room. He was trying to calm his attendants. While the warnings are many against mixing religion and politics, they combine in this entertaining tale set in the politically tumultuous foothills of India’s eastern Himalayas to reveal profound insights into the nature of both the human and the divine.

It was 2 a. M.


Magic and Mystery in Tibet

Print On Demand #ad - This memoir offers an objective account of the supernatural events she witnessed during the 1920s among the mystics and hermits of Tibet - including levitation, telepathy, and the ability to walk on water.  . Seeker, pilgrim, and scholar, adventurer, David-Neel 1868-1969 was the first European woman to explore the once-forbidden city of Lhasa.


Ziji: The Puppy Who Learned to Meditate

Wisdom Publications #ad - Included after the story is a guide for parents and teachers with more information on what meditation is and how it can be helpful as well as suggestions on how children can continue to practice meditation on their own. Children will love learning the calming power of meditation alongside Ziji, a playful puppy.

Ziji: The Puppy Who Learned to Meditate #ad - Ziji is a noisy, dad, jenny, bouncy puppy who lives with the Anderson family: Mom, and Baby Jack. What is nico doing? why does he look so calm and happy? Ziji can't wait to find out. This book, written by yongey mingyur rinpoche, one of the new generation of Tibetan Buddhist masters, will teach your child the basics of meditation in a fun and engaging way.

He loves to bark and play and—most of all—chase pigeons in the park. Then one day, nico, ziji sees a new boy from Jenny's school, sitting in the park.